Home Service Prices

Laptop Repair,

Screen/Inverter Replacement,
DC Power plug,
Cooling issues,
Keyboard issues/replacement,
Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade,
RAM Upgrade
Solid State Drive

Desktop Repair
Install/Repair operating Systems.
Install/Repair software.
Infections/Virus/Root-Kit Removal and Spam Issues.
Hardware install, Replacement, Upgrade and configure (including Hard Drives/Solid State Drives, Motherboards, Processors, Power Supply, Cooling Solutions, Graphic/Sound Cards RAM and more).

Home File Sharing solutions

Backup solutions.

Peripherals Support (Digital Cameras,External Hard Drive/USBs,iPods/Phones,Printers/Scanners)

We don’t apply Call out fees, only hourly rate for anything outside our Flat Rates,
Our minimum charge will be for 20 minutes at £20.00

Flat Rates and Hardware Upgrade/Replacement not subject to Call Outs Hourly Rates

Flat Rates ( VAT & Labor Included ):

£ 80.00 OS (Windows Vista/7/8,8.1/10 – MAC OS)Installation/Upgrade/Repair/Cloning
                  Upgrading to SSD ( Cost of hardware not Included)
                  Drivers/Peripherals and Programs ( Office, Outlook, Sage, Quickbook, Etc) Reinstall/Optimisation
£ 60.00 Up To £120.00 Virus/Root-kit Removal
£ 40/70.00 Software install/Repair/Troubleshoot (not OS)
£ 45.00 Operating System maintenance and optimization
£ 25/55.00* Hardware Replacement/Upgrade ( *Call us for more info – Cost of hardware not included )
Windows/Mac Data and Settings transfer available. Call us for a quote.
Home file sharing solutions and peripherals connectivity from £ 40.00. Call us for more info.
Data Recovery from £ 70.00 Call us for more info.
WIFI or/and Wired Network Setup/Troubleshoot from £ 35.00. Call us for more info.